Entrants must be capable of completing the event distance they have entered within the designated time frames by running or run/walking. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the entrant to ensure that participants under the age of 16* are capable of completing the event distance. It shall be a condition of entry that all participants: (1) Enter at their own risk and shall discharge the Organisers, sponsors and land owners for any injury, illness, loss or equipment damage incurred as a result of their participation. (2) Accepts that participation in the Event will result in strenuous physical exertion, including the risks associated with physical activity. (3) Are recommended by the organisers to consider having suitable sports activity insurance cover in place in the event of any illness, accident, injury or damage however caused during the event and / or including their travel to and from the event. (4) Shall consent to being photographed and/ or filmed and shall grant to the Organisers their full permission and authority to use the Participant’s appearance in the race for worldwide promotional purposes without the need for any further approvals from the Participant. (5) Agrees to follow any rules or instructions provided to the Participant by the Organisers as maybe communicated via the event website, by email and / or at the event itself. (6) Understands that the Organisers accepts no responsibility for the loss of, theft, or damage to any property owned by or under the control of the Participant deposited by him / her in the Event’s “baggage marquee” or at any other point on course or within the “event village”. (7) Where an event offers a pre-event “entry-transfer” service it shall be a requirement that the Participant notifies the Organisers by email to events@perfectmotion.org by the advertised deadline (as indicated on the event website and within the automated email entry confirmation) and pays an administration charge of £5.00. (8) If the event has to be cancelled then the Participant’s entry fee shall be reimbursed in full within one calendar month of the event. The Organisers shall not be liable for any other costs that may have been incurred by the Participant in relation to their entry. Refund Policy We will be happy to offer a refund minus an admin fee of £2.50 per entrant for anyone wishing to withdraw from the Rushcliffe 10k and associated events until FRIDAY 31ST JANUARY 2020. From SATURDAY 1ST FEBRUARY 2020 there will be no refunds or credit transfers under any circumstances. Please also note that we do not offer deferrals for this event.